Thomas Doukinitsas
Friendship’s Obstacle

Skills: Writing / Directing / Post Production

Client: Creativity Films

A Creativity Original Production, this 27 minute teenage comedy tells the story of two friends who's friendship gets put to the test through an "obstacle" that they have to overcome. The short created in just under 4 months from start to finish, and Written / Directed / Edited by Thomas Doukinitsas gathered over 250.000 views online, and was met with many positive comments.

Directed by: Thomas Doukinitsas, Novi Kakitsou
Screenplay: Thomas Doukinitsas
Based on ideas by: Thomas Doukinitsas, Antonis Halkias, Nikos Sinathis, Novi Kakitsou, Chrissa Nekevari, Sofia Sidiropoulou
Produced by: Thomas Doukinitsas
Executive Producers: Thomas Doukinitsas, Novi Kakitsou
Starring: Antonis Halkias, Nikos Sinathis, Chrissa Nekevari, Nefeli Papadopoulou
Production Co-Ordinator: Novi Kakitsou
DOP / Post Production: Thomas Doukinitsas
Production Assistants: Novi Kakitsou, Panos Sakkas, Philip Emmanouil
Production Company: Creativity Films Ltd.