Thomas Doukinitsas
ENA Channel – Network Re-Branding

Skills: Creative Director, Motion Graphics Artist

Client: ENA Channel

*WINNER* Silver Design Award at the Regional Media Awards 2017


ENA Channel, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace’s channel you love.

With your support, we inform you with our excellent team of journalists, we help you travel across culture and society, and we show the lightest side of life through our shows, and mainly our people.

In order to show our philosophy and our way of thinking, we decided to shake up our look, with a fresh new brand package, which shows our ideology a little clearer.

The first thing we changed is our logo. We condensed it slightly, and we gave it a 7,5 degree angle. Here we hit the jackpot because this gave our already recognizable logo a unique freshness, and shows how we see things with a slightly different perspective.

We also added a bold color palette to our logo, which can change depending on the show, the ad or the message we want to get across.

Another important thing we added was a “messenger” at the bottom of the logo, which can display channel messages, such as a slogan, or the name of the show.

This speech bubble is used throughout the brand, such as the show trailer, information about the show’s broadcast date, and many other elements such as “Next Up”, “Contains Product Placement”, which are used in conjunction with the bug, and other messages which work on their own. Even the parental guidance bumpers use a form of the messenger to communicate their message.

Finally we come to the stations dents, which allow us to show our identity and ideology in between our programming. These dents bring us closer to our people, and show everyday stories by you and by us. They start with a portrait, and though sound bytes and images they show what we love about our job and our city. The ident ends with the portrait and the brand’s graphic elements, and a speech bubble that let’s us comment on the ident.

The brand has also been designed to work off-air, for both print and radio.

Although we changed our look slightly, we will continue to offer you the shows you love, and we will always be with you, showing your stories across the region, and maybe even a little further… stay tuned!